Below is the transcript of an interview conducted with Paul Sagendorph, Circuit Works Vice President of Sales.

What is your job at Circuit Works?Vice President of Sales Paul Sagendorph

I am the Vice President of Sales. I coordinate and manage the sales effort for the company from coordinating initial meetings to quotations, customer service, and program management. We are the customer advocate and mouthpiece of our customers throughout the rest of the company. We try to understand what the customer’s needs are and then adapt our capabilities and systems to meet those needs.

How did you personally get involved in the electronics manufacturing industry?

I have an electrical engineering degree and got into sales early in my career. Originally I was a technical liaison between sales reps and the engineering department. Then I became an outside electronic sales rep for six years. Circuit Works was one of my customers. I found out there was an opening and was fortunate to come on board. 20 years later, I’m still here. It’s a great blend of the technical and sales worlds that I really enjoy.

Who is Circuit Works ideal customer?

Companies that we can form long-term growing relationships with. Where we are involved upfront in their new designs and are able to provide them feedback from the prototype through production stages.

How have you seen the electronics manufacturing industry change over time and how has CWC adapted to these changes?

Technically, the parts keep getting smaller and more complex and so we have to adapt to the new technologies. Different substrates like flex and metal core boards. More and more customers are asking us to take over the purchasing of the components, and doing additional value added processes like final assembly, conformal coating, order fulfillment and just-in-time deliveries. Also, new product time-to-markets are getting shorter and shorter so we have put people and processes in place to service those needs.

What are some of the challenges that you’ve seen at Circuit Works?

Keeping up with the growth during growth years, and standing pat during lean years. Customers are asking us to take a more active role in their businesses so the level of communication continues to advance. There are always pricing challenges, but we have been able to remain competitive by adding new equipment, embracing new technologies and expanding our Mexico operation.

What does Circuit Works offer customers that they can benefit from that many of your competitors don’t?

A manufacturer that will keep up with technology, service their needs independent of volume, and long-term stability in the marketplace. That said this is still a people business and we take pride in listening to our customers needs and responding to their requests.

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