Materials Management

CWC offers a wide range of inventory materials management services to meet our customers’ unique requirements, such as:

  • MRP/ERP System
    • An MRP (materials requirements planning) is an inventory control and production planning system used to manage manufacturing processes. Most MRPs are software based. The Goals of an MRP is to make sure that materials are ready and available for production and that products are ready and available for delivery to the customer, to maintain the lowest possible material and product levels on location, and to efficiently and effectively plan delivery schedules, manufacturing activities, and purchasing activities.
    • An ERP (enterprise resource planning) software system is a type of software that provides end-to-end resource planning as a software. This software manages everything from physical resources like products to things like human resources, accounting, and workflow. An ERP software system connects all of the different departments and operations together to help to identify and optimize all types of available resources and to save money.
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) Programs
    • A Vendor managed inventory program (VMI) involves the collaboration between the supplier (Circuit Works) and their customers. The goal of these programs are to improve inventory turnover, improve service, and increase sales for both parties. Normally a supplier receives a product activity report from the customer detailing things like sales forecasting, sales velocity, and frequency of sale. Based on agreed upon goals for inventory turns, fill rates, and transaction costs, the VMI software then calculates recommended replenish orders. Both the customer and supplier receive the same information and a supply order is automatically generated and delivered to the supplier along with an acknowledgement to the customer.
  • Turnkey or Consignment materials
    • Consignment contract manufacturing describes an electronics manufacturing system where the technology producer retains part of the manufacturing process in-house. Commonly, purchasing and/or system assembly. Under this model, in-house shipping, purchasing, and receiving groups are responsible for delivering the obtain materials, sort them, package them, and deliver them to the contracted manufacturer for assembly. Consignment is popular for companies producing products relying on specialized components that may be supplied just to that company or where intellectual property is contained within some of the components.
    • Turnkey Contract manufacturing provides all manufacturing and supply chain services including assembly, test, material acquisition, aftermarket service, and warranty support. A company outsources all inventory control, receiving, production management functions, and possibly design and warranty service to a third-party manufacturer.
  • RoHS Material Certifications
    • RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and the European Union adopted it in 2003. The materials that are restricted under ROHS are lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and four different phthalates (DEHP, BBP, BBP, and DIBP). These materials are hazardous to the environment and dangerous to the health of manufacturers. Any business that sells electronics, sub-assemblies, or components directly to EU member countries must comply with the RoHS directive.
  • Manage Customer JIT Systems
    • JIT Systems (Just In Time manufacturing systems) are aimed to reduce flow times within production, reduce waste and response times from suppliers to consumers. Other names for JIT include lean manufacturing and Toyota Production System (TPS).
  • Supplier evaluation
    • Many companies choose suppliers and later realize that their quality was not up to standards. We can help with that by evaluating suppliers for you.
  • Component Cycle Count
    • Cycle counting in an inventory control procedure.
  • Domestic and Off-Shore suppliers
    • We can work with both domestic and off shore suppliers to better suit your needs.

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